#Tailpartner 2013

Become first Tail Partner, Year-1

Buy Bee-Plane tail on Ebay

During next Le Bourget Air Show

Put your Name on BeePlane Tail, win bid on Ebay. Three independant bids will be active on Ebay : tail, central fuselage, external fuselages.

Your name will appear for 1 year on this web site and on main page of www.bee-plane.com

Next event is going to be in 2013 during The Bourget Air Show in Paris.

Place your bid on Ebay, win it and become first Tailpartner.

Beeplane Tail Future airplane

Your name on Tails

Image description

Your name on both sides of two beeplane tails

Initial Price 300€

future airplanes beeplane

Your name on the Basket

Image description

It will appear on both sides of central detachable fuselage

Initial Price 200 €

beeplane tailpartner flying 2050

Your Name on the Bee

Image description

Il will appear on external sides of external fuselage

Initial Price 150€